Bone Graft Dental in Jacksonville, FL

Save your jaw bone and prepare for dental implants with Bone grafting

If you are missing teeth or have failing teeth that need to be removed, bone grafting is often the first step in restoring your smile.  Bone grafting is typically needed for dental implants, but can be used for other procedures as well.  By adding donor bone to a missing tooth site, Dr. Rachel Monteiro can build a healthy site of bone and gums to accommodate a future dental implant.  


Teeth do more than help you chew and look nice when smiling.  They also help maintain the structure of your jaw bone.  When a tooth is lost, the bone around the tooth no longer has stimulation and begins to deteriorate.  Placing a bone graft when the tooth is removed can help prevent this process and maintain a healthy jaw bone for a dental implant or other tooth replacement option.  


bone grafting

If you experience deterioration or loss of jaw bone after extractions, you may develop other issues

bone loss

Bone grafting can eliminate these problems and help you regain the form and function of your unique smile

A thorough exam with Dr. Monteiro will help determine if Jacksonville bone grafting is right for you.  There are many sources for bone graft, from your own body or from donor bone from bovine (cow) or human donor.  All materials used at River Oaks Dental for bone grafting are FDA approved and are safe and effective for restoring and regrowing bone.  

Just like any other surgical procedure, you will be completely numb in the area to be grafted and won’t feel any discomfort.  Bone grafting is done under local anesthesia, the same thing we use for tooth extractions and fillings.  If you are anxious about the procedure, Dr. Monteiro can help keep you relaxed with nitrous oxide (laughing gas) or oral sedation.  The recovery for bone grafting is similar to that of a tooth extraction.  There will be some mild tenderness or soreness at the surgical site, but most patients are ready to resume their normal activities the next day and any discomfort is typically controlled with over the counter medications like acetaminophen (Tylenol) or ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil).  Dr. Monteiro may prescribe additional pain relief medications or antibiotics if necessary.  

Call Dr. Monteiro at River Oaks Dental today at 904-348-0416 to schedule an appointment for tooth extractions and bone grafting today.   Our address is 6120 San Jose Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32217.  With this safe and routine procedure, you will be able to smile big with confidence! 

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