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Preventative dentistry is essential for every member of the family, as it’s the means to maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Regular visits to a good family dentist are the best defense against numerous oral health problems – and for high-quality preventive dental care in Jacksonville, Florida, patients of all ages trust the team at River Oaks Dental.

We offer an array of services designed to keep dental issues at bay, and with our personalized care and comprehensive approach to dentistry, you can count on us to help your entire family enjoy the confidence of having a beautiful and healthy smile.


Benefits of Preventative Dentistry

Experienced family dentists, general dentists and periodontists promote preventative care for children and adults because it’s the key to lasting oral health.

Essentially, the practice of preventative dentistry helps preserve the smile by keeping minor concerns from developing into major problems. But to be more specific, here’s what you and your family have to gain from preventative dental services:

  • Avoid the discomfort of dealing with cavities, abscesses, gum infections, periodontal disease and other unwelcome oral health issues

  • Learn the proper techniques for oral hygiene from an expert and get targeted advice on how to take better care of the teeth and gums

  • Save money, as seeing a family dentist for preventative care is a bargain compared to the cost of treating serious dental problems

In addition, preventative dentistry is enormously beneficial for individuals suffering from diabetes, anemia, stomach ulcers and other chronic medical conditions. Many diseases and disorders have an adverse effect on oral health, and by regularly visiting a Jacksonville family dentist for preventative care, arising problems can be minimized.

Preventative Dental Services

The River Oaks Dental team has expertise in all areas of dentistry – restorative, cosmetic and preventative – allowing us to take good care of our patient’s smiles.

As a family dentist, we welcome infants, seniors and all ages in between, and our goal is always to preserve oral health. When beneficial, we recommend measures to address functional and aesthetic concerns. As for our preventative services, those include:

  • Oral examinations and professional dental cleanings

  • Deep teeth cleaning, known as scaling and root planing

  • Periodontal maintenance for the preservation of gum health

  • Fluoride treatments that provide protection from tooth decay 

  • Dental sealants to treat tooth sensitivity and reduce cavities

We protect smiles with custom-made mouthguards, too, both for Jacksonville athletes and for patients suffering from pain in the jaw joints. Oral cancer screenings are also among the many preventative dentistry services we offer at River Oaks Dental, as detecting issues early on offers the greater chance of a cure. 

Comprehensive Dental Care Makes All the Difference

Choose River Oaks Dental, and you’ll have a family dentist with specialized training as a periodontist – and that means the professional you see will be able to treat the entire mouth, providing preventive care services related to the teeth, gums and jawbone. Plus, with our knowledge and skills in cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry, your family won’t ever need to see a different general dentist. Everyone can get the care they need right here, making it easier to enjoy optimal oral health and a gorgeous grin.

For more details on our preventative dentistry services and our comprehensive approach to patient care, or to schedule an appointment with an accomplished family dentist in Jacksonville, Florida, contact River Oaks Dental today.

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