Sedation Dentistry in Jacksonville

Few people are delighted to go to the dentist, but for some, the very thought triggers an extreme emotional response. When dental anxiety is an obstacle to oral health, sedation dentistry offers a solution.

At River Oaks Dental in Jacksonville, Florida, we want everyone to feel comfortable in the dentist chair. To that end, we provide two sedation options – nitrous oxide, otherwise known as laughing gas, and oral sedation – both of which are available during any dental visit, even for a cleaning or checkup. And we see many patients who prefer to be sedated, so no one should feel embarrassed or afraid to ask. Whether you suffer from severe dental anxiety or would simply rather have a more relaxing experience when you visit the dentist, we can help.


Patient-Centered Sedation Dentistry

People of all ages, even children, can benefit from sedation dentistry. The American Dental Association (ADA) recognizes nitrous oxide and oral sedation as being safe and effective when administered by a qualified professional.

At River Oaks Dental, you’ll find a highly skilled dentist who has advanced training in the administration of dental sedation. You’ll also find compassion – we truly care about our patients, and we do whatever we can to put everyone at ease. Our Jacksonville dentist office is a comfortable, judgment-free environment, and it’s our goal to make sure that the people we see are smiling after every visit.

Dental anxiety is an incredibly common issue, but patients can overcome the nervousness and fear. Looking for a compassionate, caring and friendly dentist is the first step, and you’ve already found the right choice. With sedation dentistry, we make it possible to get the care you need and enjoy a relaxed dental visit.


Options for Sedation Dentistry

Our approach at River Oaks Dental is to create a plan for sedation that’s based on the needs of the patient. Factors we consider include the level of dental anxiety and health history, but personal preference makes a major difference – and ultimately, the decision on how to proceed with sedation dentistry will be yours to make.

But first, we’ll make sure you have all of the information you need to feel confident in your choice of sedation. As we mentioned above, we offer two options at our Jacksonville dentist office:

Nitrous Oxide

More commonly known as laughing gas, nitrous oxide offers a light level of sedation. After inhaling the odorless gas through a single-use nasal mask, patients feel calm and relaxed, sometimes even euphoric. Once the treatment is complete, the dentist administers pure oxygen to flush out all of the nitrous oxide. A few minutes later, patients are ready to leave – and since the effects of laughing gas don’t linger, they can even drive themselves home. 

Oral Sedation

Given in pill form, oral sedation is more powerful than nitrous oxide, making it a great option for anyone struggling with dental anxiety. Medication is taken the night before a dental visit, and additional sedative mediation is administered at the dentist office. Patients feel completely relaxed, yet remain responsive, and afterwards, many don’t recall the procedure at all. Oral sedation can induce extreme grogginess, though, so patients need to get a ride home from a friend or family member. 

The River Oaks Dental Team is Here to Help

Overcoming dental anxiety is no easy feat, and you can count on the River Oaks Dental team to make every effort to ensure your comfort. Along with sedation dentistry, we offer dental care in a relaxing, luxurious setting – at our dentist office, you can settle back in a massage chair, get cozy with a warm blanket and pillows, watch your favorite Netflix show and enjoy the safest possible treatment. And if we can meet your needs in any other way, all you need to do is ask. 

For more information on nitrous oxide or oral sedation, or to schedule an appointment to discuss sedation dentistry, contact River Oaks Dental in Jacksonville, Florida, today.

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