Crown lengthening procedures can help save your natural teeth, or enhance a gummy smile

Esthetic crown lengthening provides a perfect background for your smile

Some patients with a “gummy smile” or irregular gum outline around their front teeth can benefit from esthetic crown lengthening.  With this procedure, excess or irregular gum tissue is removed from around the teeth to create a more even and esthetic outline.  Often times, esthetic crown lengthening is done with porcelain veneers for an optimal esthetic outcome.  Other times this procedure can be done on its own without any veneers for dramatic esthetic results. 

Functional crown lengthening helps save broken down or decayed teeth

When a tooth is badly broken down, fractured, or decayed, there may not be enough healthy tooth structure to support a crown or filling to fix it.  This is where functional crown lengthening can save the day.  The bone and gums around the damaged tooth can be surgically contoured to expose additional tooth structure.  This allows your dentist to place a quality crown or other restoration that will last you for years to come.

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