improve your quality of life with implants for your denture or partial

One of the best uses for dental implants is to stabilize dentures and partials.  Implants enable you to snap your denture or partial into place, and minimize movement and slipping when you talk and eat.  This movement of dentures and partials is the biggest struggle patients face with removable prosthetics, and dental implants solves this problem completely!  

Dental implants also preserve bone, preventing the shrinkage and collapsing of the jaws and subsequent sinking in of facial features and loss of lip volume that comes with missing teeth.  

Implants can be truly life-changing for those who wear dentures and partials.  To find out if you are a candidate for implant stabilized dentures or partials, contact River Oaks Dental today at 904-348-0416.

implant denture
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