we love little smiles at river oaks dental!

We make sure your little one has a fun and positive dental experience!

Dr. Rachel Monteiro and the River Oaks Dental team love kids!  At our convenient Lakewood office, we are happy to take care of your entire family’s dental needs.  We understand how busy life is as a parent!  Having your whole family’s dental appointments at the same office and booked at the same time saves you time, money, and stress! 

Your kids will have a blast at River Oaks Dental Jacksonville!  We have a fun kids’ room where they can let loose and play!  They can play with our wooden train table, work on homework at our study station, or hang out in the bean bag chairs and watch a movie on Netflix.  If they are old enough to stay on their own, they are welcome to hang out in the family room while you receive your dental treatment too. 

During their visit, your kids will love the dual TV’s in the treatment rooms- one at the foot of the chair and another in the ceiling!  They can choose a show on Netflix and get comfortable with a blanket or headphones.  We offer nitrous oxide laughing gas for our little patients to ensure a comfortable and positive dental experience. 

a little girl at River Oaks Dental Clinic
Family Reception Room

Positive dental experiences

Dr. Monteiro practices positive reinforcement and behavior guidance.  For each good behavior during an appointment, we give your child a sticker on their arm.  Don’t be surprised to see your little one walk out of the treatment room covered in 50 stickers!  We also practice “show-tell-do”.  Before starting a procedure or introducing a new instrument, we show your child what we are doing, explain it in a way that’s easy for them to understand, and then give them a “preview” of what’s going to happen.  For example, before we use the suction, we will show your child the suction, tell them “This is Mr. Slurpy and he’s going to suck up all the water out of your mouth”, and then let them touch the end of the suction to feel the sensation.  This helps create a positive experience and eliminates fear surrounding new sensations at the dental office.  

Services we provide for children and teenagers

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When should my child start going to the dentist?

At River Oaks Dental, Dr. Rachel Monteiro starts seeing children at 6 months old.  According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, your child should start having regular dental visits when they get their first baby tooth, which is around 6 months.   Is your little one a bit older and hasn’t had a visit yet?  No worries!  We are happy to help your family begin a positive and fun dental routine at River Oaks Dental, no matter where you are in the process.  Give our office a call today at 904-348-0416 and let us schedule appointments for your family at a convenient time for you!

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