Smile confidently with dentures from river oaks dental

Today’s dentures aren’t like your grandma’s!  With advances in dental materials and technology, dentures are better fitting and better looking than ever before.   We can even use dental implants to help stabilize dentures so that they do not move and slip when you eat and talk.   Whether you will be a first time denture wearer, or are looking to replace an old or uncomfortable denture, call River Oaks Dental today for a complimentary denture consultation with Dr. Monteiro. 

implant denture

Affordably replace missing teeth with partials

Partials can be a great and cost-effective way to replace missing teeth.  Whether you want to replace one tooth or many, partials can restore your smile by using the remaining healthy teeth as anchors.  At River Oaks Dental, Dr. Rachel Monteiro fabricates high quality partials that are not only comfortable but also natural looking.  Clear or gum-colored clasps can be used in place of metal clasps for the best esthetics.  Dr. Monteiro also offers flexible metal-free partials for great esthetic results.

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