have your teeth-and your life-back with a non-removable hybrid implant denture

For patients missing all or most of their teeth, or needing their teeth removed, implants are considered the best tooth replacement option.   While individual implants to replace an entire arch of teeth can be cost prohibitive for many patients, hybrid implant dentures are an excellent option for replacing an entire arch of teeth in a more affordable way!

With as few as four implants, we can fabricate a hybrid denture that replaces an entire row of teeth and is anchored in place with a titanium bar.  The hybrid denture is permanently fixed in place, so your dentures won’t move around and you won’t have to take them out at night; only your dentist can remove your hybrid dentures.  If you have struggled wearing conventional dentures, dislike having to remove your teeth every day, or if you need your natural teeth removed and do not want to wear dentures, hybrid dentures may be a great option for you!  In most cases, we are able to give you fixed teeth the same day as your implant placement so you never have to wear a conventional removable denture!  Call River Oaks Dental today at 904-348-0416 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Monteiro to discuss your Jacksonville dental implant options. 

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