For the best cosmetic results, metal-free restorations can be used for most of your dental needs. At river oaks dental, a metal-free cosmetic option is sure to make you smile!

MEtal free composite fillings

The days of the old-school silver mercury amalgam fillings are long gone.  Dr. Monteiro places only metal free fillings at River Oaks Dental.  Today’s tooth colored filling materials are stronger than ever, and put less stress on the tooth compared to the metal fillings placed years ago. 

Both composite and bio-active glass ionomer tooth colored filling materials are available for patients at River Oaks Dental.

Porcelain crowns and bridges

A porcelain crown or bridge is the most esthetic option compared to crowns and bridges made of metal alloys or gold.  The materials used in today’s modern crowns and bridges are stronger and more durable than ever before.  The biggest benefit of a porcleain crown is the beautiful esthetics that it provides, for both front and back teeth.  All of the crowns and bridges Dr. Monteiro provides for her patients are custom made by hand here in Jacksonville, FL by a local dental laboratory.  We never have our dental crowns or bridges made overseas.  

Flexible acrylic partials

Dr. Monteiro offers flexible acrylic partials to her patients who prefer a metal-free restoration for their missing teeth.  These partials are softer and very gentle on the teeth and gums.  Instead of metal clasps, these partials have soft flexible gum-colored clasps that gently flex over the teeth when you insert and remove your partial.  Flexible acrylic partials are a great option for missing front teeth where you don’t want any metal to show when you smile.  

Clear aligner orthodontics

Having a beautiful straight smile no longer means years of metal braces.  Enjoy a nearly invisible treatment option to straighten your teeth with clear aligner orthodontics.  A series of aligners will gently and safely move your teeth to their ideal position over a few months to a year, and nobody will ever know you are straightening your teeth while you wear them!

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