Enjoy a relaxing dental visit with nitrous oxide (laughing gas)

a man doing a procedure at River Oaks Dental

Do you need to "take the edge off" for your dental appointments?

Nitrous Oxide is a colorless, sweet smelling gas that is mixed with oxygen to create “Laughing Gas”, a type of sedation that has been used by both dentists and physicians for decades to help their patients have a relaxing appointment.  At River Oaks Dental in Jacksonville Nitrous Oxide is an excellent option to ensure a positive and enjoyable dental experience.  

A small, soft mask is placed over your nose, and after a few minutes of deep breathing you’ll feel a warm, light, relaxing sensation.  Some people describe it as feeling a little “buzzy” while others say it feels like they are floating on water or getting a really good massage.  You will be awake and responsive for your visit, just in a very relaxed state.  Like it’s name suggests, you might even find things funny and start laughing!  You’ll find that the appointment goes by quickly with Jacksonville Laughing Gas, and at the end when the mask is removed, the effects wear off immediately, allowing you to go about your day as normal, including driving and returning to school or work.

what are the benefits of nitrous oxide laughing gas?

at river oaks dental, we always use single-use mask and hosing for our nitrous oxide laughing gas procedures. this is the safest and most sterile option for delivering nitrous oxide sedation. The mask you wear is yours alone, and has never been and will never be used on another patient.

Should you require a higher level of sedation, oral sedation may be right for you.

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