relieve tooth pain and save your teeth with root canal therapy at river oaks dental

When the nerve of a tooth has been irritated or damaged, or when the tooth is infected or abscessed, a root canal treatment can help alleviate pain and eliminate infection.  Dr. Rachel Monteiro always takes extra care to keep you comfortable during the proceure, ensuring a pain-free experience.  Various sedation options are available as well, including nitrous oxide laughing gas and oral sedation.  If you are having tooth pain, avoiding chewing on a tender tooth, or haven’t eaten ice cream in years due to a cold sensitive tooth, don’t wait another day-call River Oaks Dental now at 904-348-0416.

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What is a root canal treatment?

A root canal treatment or therapy, commonly referred to as just a “root canal” is a routine dental procedure that removes the nerve from a tooth that is infected or otherwise damaged.  This allows you to save your tooth, eliminating the need for a surgical extraction of the tooth or a more expensive tooth replacement option such as a bridge or an implant.

During the procedure, after you are completely numb, the decay or fracture will be removed from the tooth.  A small hole is made in the tooth that allows access to the inside chamber, where the nerve and blood vessels reside.  A series of instruments removes the nerve and blood vessels and cleans the inside walls of the tooth to remove any bacteria that has infected it.  Then various medicaments are placed to disinfect the tooth.  The tooth is then sealed with a natural rubber-like material called Gutta Percha, and a bioactive cement sealer.

After the root canal is complete, a crown is placed on the tooth to restore and protect the tooth from further damage.  You have kept your natural tooth and now eliminated any infection and pain!

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