when playing sports, Prevent trauma to your mouth and gums with a sports mouth guard

Did you know that millions of teeth will be knocked out in sporting accidents this year?  Help protect your children’s smiles with a custom made mouthguard from River Oaks Dental.  Traumatic injuries to the teeth and gums are surprisingly common, and not just in contact sports like football and wrestling.  Even athletes who participate in sports like track and field or soccer would benefit from the protection and peace of mind of a mouth guard.  There are many pre-made mouth guards on the market that you can find at your nearest drug store, but if your child is reluctant to wear it or if it doesn’t comfortably fit his or her mouth, you may want to consider a custom athletic mouthguard.  At River Oaks Dental, your child can help design his or her custom mouth guard, selecting from a wide array of colors and patterns.  All of our custom athletic mouthguards come with a personalized protective case, accessories for cleaning and maintaining the appliance, and professional ultrasonic cleaning of the appliance at every 6 month hygiene visit at River Oaks Dental.

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