Month: January 2023

Man itching his bearded face

How Healthy Is Your Beard

How Healthy Is A Man’s Beard? It’s rumored that facial hair just serves as a house for bacteria. This rumor has been proven FALSE in several studies and the trending belief is that a well-kept beard has similar amounts of germs as does a clean-shaved face. Beards tend to get a bad reputation but the bacteria they…
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young adult holding cheek with tooth pain

Winter Wonderland Tooth Pain

Winter Wonderland of Tooth Pain As temperatures drop, your teeth may start to feel the chill. Dental pain caused by cold weather is normal! But why does this happen? And how can we prevent this from happening? Let’s explore some possible causes of tooth sensitivity and discuss solutions to the problems.   1. Naturally sensitive…
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smokestacks polluting smoke

How Pollution Can Impact Your Oral Health

How Pollution Can Impact Your Oral Health Pollution is defined as the introduction of harmful materials into the environment. Pollutants can be natural or can be made by humans. In 2019, Jacksonville, FL was ranked the 9th most polluted city in Florida out of the 43 cities in the state. Although our rank was higher…
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