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Did cavemen brush their teeth

Did Cavemen Brush Their Teeth? Did Cavemen Brush Their Teeth?   Oral health has been a concern for centuries, even before we understood our teeth. Today’s advancements in technology have allowed oral hygiene care and home routines to evolve. Advancements in research and education have also helped dental professionals gain extensive knowledge to better serve…
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Drool, slobber, spittle: saliva and why it matters

Drool, slobber, spittle: saliva and why it matters Why is saliva important? Saliva in the mouth is an important part of the digestion process. It is one of the first methods of breaking down foods. Because saliva makes foods softer, it aids in the swallowing process by making it easier for your tongue to push…
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October is Dental Hygiene Month- Interview with our Hygienist Rachel

October is Dental Hygiene Month- Interview with our Hygienist Rachel Alberts

Overcoming Hearing and Visual Limitations at Your Dental Appointment

Overcoming Hearing and Visual Limitations at Your Dental Appointment Around 13% of adults report severe visual difficulties, including blindness or complications seeing even with visual aids, and about 12 million people (ages 12+) suffer from hearing loss in both ears. Visual and hearing limitations should not prevent anyone from seeking dental treatment. Dr. Rachel Monteiro, and her staff at…
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Oral Health and Aging

Oral Health and Aging One common dental misconception is that losing teeth is unavoidable with age. Adult teeth typically begin erupting at age 6 and function throughout our lives. With proper care, your teeth can last the duration of your life.  Our Jacksonville dentist Dr. Rachel Monteiro, located in the 32217 zip code, and her…
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Bad Breath and How to Prevent It

How to Prevent Bad Breath Do you ever notice a foul smell coming from your mouth? If you have, it’s likely that others around you have noticed as well. Perhaps you’ve tried mouth rinses or mint flavored gums but haven’t had much success eliminating the odor. Halitosis, also known as chronic bad breath, has three…
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You Are What You Eat- Which Sweets are Best?

You Are What You Eat- Which Sweets Are Best? The saying “you are what you eat” stems back to the 1800s and is still used today as a reminder of the importance of a well-balanced diet. What we put into our bodies has a direct impact on how we function; what we eat also has…
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Everything You Need to Know about Dental X-rays

Everything You Need to Know About Dental X-rays   Dental x-rays, or radiographs, are taken during all new patient visits, periodically as needed, and prior to finalizing diagnosis. They allow the doctor to see areas of the teeth that are not visible to the human eye (even when using dental loupes that allow for extensive…
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Common Toothbrushing Mistakes

Common Toothbrushing Mistakes Brushing your teeth two times a day is most likely your usual routine. But what if you’ve been doing it wrong all these years? Brushing has its benefits, but the best outcomes occur when you brush properly. A dental checkup at River Oaks Dental in Jacksonville, FL 32217 will give you customized…
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Oral Health and Pregnancy

Oral Health and Pregnancy Pregnancy is a unique and beautiful time for a woman’s body and mind. During pregnancy, many complex physiological changes occur in order to provide both mom and baby with the necessary nutrients that are needed throughout the nine months of development. Oral health during pregnancy is a topic not often addressed…
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Flossing and Why It Matters Flossing is important to clean teeth and gums Part of your oral home care routine should be to brush at least two times a day – once when you start the morning and the second time right before bed. In addition to brushing, flossing should also be part of your…
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Meet your dentist, Dr. Rachel Monteiro

Meet Your Jacksonville Dentist Dr. Rachel Monteiro What made you decide to become a dentist? Growing up I wanted to be an architect, but after my first semester of architecture school I quickly realized this was not my passion. I moved back to Florida to continue my education at University of North Florida, and around…
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A Holiday Wish List to Smile About

Gifts to make your loved ones smile As you continue your holiday shopping, finding the perfect gifts for your loved ones may seem like a difficult task. Especially this year, many of us are avoiding stores and malls to limit outside interactions. This year instead of giving the latest new gadget or trendiest clothes, give…
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Mask Mouth: Dental problems during the COVID pandemic

Increased dental problems during the pandemic It’s 2020, and you’ve finally made some time to catch up on your self-care.  You’ve had your annual physical and bloodwork, all clear.  And you finally got your new glasses with your updated prescription.  Now you are relaxing at your dentist’s office while your hygienist cleans your teeth.  It…
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Oral Cancer Screening

Oral Cancer screening in jacksonville, florida Dr. Rachel Monteiro and her dedicated team are committed to performing oral cancer screenings in Jacksonville, Florida at River Oaks Dental.  All patients receive oral cancer screenings at their new patient exams as well as at annual hygiene visits.  When oral cancer and other oral conditions, such as non-cancerous…
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October is National Dental Hygiene Month

OCtober is National dental hygiene month “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.  This couldn’t be more true than when it comes to caring for your oral health.  When you establish good dental hygiene habits, you are less likely to need more expensive dental procedures later.  This includes twice daily brushing, flossing,…
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DO SOMETHING SOON ABOUT YOUR TOOTH DECAY September 15, 2020 At first, you may have thought it wasn’t a big deal. You even hoped it would do away on its own. Today, you realize that isn’t going to happen. Tooth decay requires restorative dentistry, and that’s something we are happy to do for patients who visit our…
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PLAY SAFE WITH CUSTOM ATHLETIC MOUTHGUARDS August 20, 2020 With classes starting again at local schools, we know that the start of the fall sports season will be here soon. For that matter, winter sports will be practicing before we know it, too. That’s makes this a good time to remind athletes of all ages…
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PLAN A DENTAL CLEANING FOR THE NEW SCHOOL YEAR August 6, 2020 If you haven’t already done so, you’ll probably be gathering supplies for school in the days ahead. While you are getting paper and pens, notebooks and art supplies, backpacks and new outfits, we recommend you schedule a dental exam at our office. It…
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