OCtober is National dental hygiene month

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.  This couldn’t be more true than when it comes to caring for your oral health.  When you establish good dental hygiene habits, you are less likely to need more expensive dental procedures later.  This includes twice daily brushing, flossing, and routine dental hygiene visits.  Your Jacksonville dentist 32217 can help you in your journey to oral health.

why is it important to maintain good dental hygiene?

 Aside from minimizing the need for more expensive dental work, maintaining good dental hygiene is important for your overall health.  When you don’t brush or floss, plaque and calculus can build up on your teeth.  This will cause inflammation of your gums, and can lead to serious consequences, such as gingivitis and periodontal disease.  Periodontal disease is the breakdown of your gums and supporting bone around teeth.  This affects 70% of adults over age 65, and 47% of adults over 30, according to the CDC.  Periodontal disease has been associated with other inflammatory diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and stroke

how do i maintain good oral health?

Maintaining good oral health starts with an excellent and customized home care routine. Your dentist or dental hygienist can help you establish your ideal routine.  Brushing twice a day with an electric toothbrush is more effective at removing plaque compared to brushing with a manual toothbrush.  Removing plaque from between the teeth is also necessary, and can be done with a variety of tools.  You can use simple floss or instruments such as a water-pik, which is an electric water flosser.  Your dentist or hygienist can make recommendations for toothpaste, floss, mouthwash, and prescription products which can help address your specific concerns.  Adhering to your recommended hygiene visits, whether 6 months or more often, is important as well.  No matter how diligent you are with your home care routine, there are always places that are difficult to clean properly that only a skilled dental hygienist or dentist can reach.  Additionally, we can help you identify potential problems, such as cavities and cracked teeth, before they become a bigger issue.


what is the best toothbrush? what is the best toothpaste?

There are a lot of great toothbrushes and toothpastes on the market that are backed by science and have great clinical outcomes.  Much of what is “best” depends on your individual needs and personal preferences.  In general, we recommend electric toothbrushes such as Oral-B or Sonicare.  If using a manual brush, use a soft bristled brush, never a hard or medium bristle.  A toothpaste with fluoride is best to prevent decay, and we love the Crest Gum Detoxify toothpaste for its ability to clean beneath the gums and a super clean feeling. 


ok, I'm ready to step up my dental hygiene! where do I start?

A professional exam, x-rays, and cleaning is a great place to start!  From there we can help you develop your customized oral hygiene plan and make specific recommendations for products.  Give us a call at 904-348-0416 or schedule an appointment online to set up your hygiene visit at River Oaks Dental. 

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