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Why Choose Dental Implants Over Traditional Dentures?

Until dental implants came on the scene in Jacksonville, Florida, the only way to restore a full arch of missing teeth was to get dentures. But while traditional dentures can be a good solution for some, more people are turning to implants. Implant placement, while often done to restore a single gap in the grin,…
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dental veneers Jacksonville, Florida

Considering Dental Veneers? Jacksonville Dentists Explain the Basics

Everyone in Jacksonville, Florida, would prefer to have a naturally beautiful smile, but not many of us were lucky enough to be born with one. Porcelain dental veneers can do the trick, transforming the teeth in as few as two dentist visits – and without any downtime. A proven solution for smile imperfections, porcelain veneers…
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Are Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments Safe?

More people in Jacksonville, Florida, are turning to cosmetic dentistry to resolve their smile flaws, and a range of treatments to enhance the appearance of the teeth are available. However, if you have concerns about safety, that’s completely understandable – in the long run, sacrificing your oral health to have nicer-looking teeth wouldn’t be beneficial.…
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tooth replacement Jacksonville, Florida

Need Tooth Replacement? Options for a Gap-Free Smile

If you’re looking into tooth replacement, a knowledgeable restorative dentist in Jacksonville, Florida, can help you decide on the best approach. People lose teeth for a number of reasons — advanced gum disease, severe tooth decay, teeth grinding, sports injuries and car crashes are just a few of the causes. So, there’s certainly no need…
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teeth whitening services Jacksonville, Florida

Top Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening Services

In recent years, countless teeth whitening products have hit the shelves of stores in Jacksonville, Florida, and even more can be found online. So, if your teeth are stained, why not give an at-home kit a try? While you could go that route, professional whitening is a better option. This cosmetic dentistry procedure can make…
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A healthy smile for your mental health

A Healthy Smile for Your Mental Health Your oral health and your mental health are related. Studies show that smiling has positive benefits towards your mental health. These studies suggest that happier people tend to smile more and share those smiles with others. Let’s dive in to why smiling is good for you! Smiling reduces…
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Dental anxiety and sedation

Dental anxiety and sedation- overcoming your fears At River Oaks Dental, our goal is to provide you with quality care that will help you achieve and maintain your oral health goals. We understand that going to the dentist is not an easy or routine task for all. Every individual has different needs – these needs…
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Man itching his bearded face

How Healthy Is Your Beard

How Healthy Is A Man’s Beard? It’s rumored that facial hair just serves as a house for bacteria. This rumor has been proven FALSE in several studies and the trending belief is that a well-kept beard has similar amounts of germs as does a clean-shaved face. Beards tend to get a bad reputation but the bacteria they…
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Social media

CAUTION! Internet tooth trends to avoid!

CAUTION! Internet tooth trends to avoid! Social media outlets make it easy for people all over the world to connect and share their knowledge on many topics and specific niches. These topics vary from food and travel to fashion and lifestyle. “Influencers” with a high number of followers typically get paid to share products on…
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February is Children’s Dental Health Month

February is Children’s Dental Health Month February is Children’s Dental Health month! The purpose of this is to encourage the parents or guardians of those under 12 years old to book a dental appointment for their young ones. A trip to the dentist every six months creates a great habit that your child will carry…
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dentist using intraoral scanner to take impression of patient

Digital Impressions

Digital Impressions- No More Goop! What is a dental impression anyway? Dental impressions provide an imprint of a patient’s upper and lower arches and include dental anatomy of the teeth and soft tissue. Impressions have played an important role in dentistry for many years. Most often, they are used in restorative procedures and are sent to dental…
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Meet your dentist, Dr. Rachel Monteiro

Meet Your Jacksonville Dentist Dr. Rachel Monteiro What made you decide to become a dentist? Growing up I wanted to be an architect, but after my first semester of architecture school I quickly realized this was not my passion. I moved back to Florida to continue my education at University of North Florida, and around…
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dental treatment plan

The Treatment Plan-Your Path to a Healthy Smile

The Treatment Plan-Your Guide to a Healthy Smile As we enter the new year, we each create resolutions to better ourselves. While some resolutions may target finances or travel adventures, others target personal growth and health. On the subject of health, one resolution that should not be overlooked is your oral health. It’s easy to…
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Placing clear aligner on teeth

Clear Correct Aligners for a Beautiful and Healthy Smile

Straighter Teeth with Clear Aligners Orthodontics Obtaining a straighter smile and a boost of confidence as an adult does not have to involve traditional metal braces.. At River Oaks Dental Jacksonville, we understand the desire to transform your smile both subtly and effectively. Clear aligner braces like Clear Correct and Invisalign can help you achieve…
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YOUR SMILE CAN SHINE WITH TEETH WHITENING October 15, 2019 You’ve been aware of it for a little while. You may not have wanted to discuss it. You might even feel a little embarrassed about it, but you should know that in time, it happens to most people. Your smile naturally gets darker or yellower…
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Ceramic veneers before fixing close-up


GET READY FOR YOUR CLOSE-UP WITH DENTAL VENEERS September 1,2020 If you’ve been to the movies, you’ve seen them. You have probably seen them on television, too, and in celebrity magazines. They are “Hollywood” smiles … and like many things we see on screens big and small, they are creations. Yes, some people who have…
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Coffee, desserts, pizza and pasta, soft drinks, tea, tobacco, wine … All of those things and many, many more foods and beverages add to the stains on your smile. In reality, it’s almost inevitable that your teeth will become yellower or darker as you get older. This could explain why professional teeth whitening is one…
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