3D rendering of tooth and first aid kit, isolated on white background.

Emergency Dental Care

Jacksonville Emergency Dentist Dental injuries resulting in trauma can occur at the most unexpected moments. Traumatic dental injuries (TDIs) can be caused by sports related injuries, car accidents, or even falling and landing face first. As with any dental treatment, our goal is to save the affected teeth; specifically, saving the pulpal vitality, or maintaining…
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dental treatment plan

The Treatment Plan-Your Path to a Healthy Smile

The Treatment Plan-Your Guide to a Healthy Smile As we enter the new year, we each create resolutions to better ourselves. While some resolutions may target finances or travel adventures, others target personal growth and health. On the subject of health, one resolution that should not be overlooked is your oral health. It’s easy to…
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Placing clear aligner on teeth

Clear Correct Aligners for a Beautiful and Healthy Smile

Straighter Teeth with Clear Aligners Orthodontics Obtaining a straighter smile and a boost of confidence as an adult does not have to involve traditional metal braces.. At River Oaks Dental Jacksonville, we understand the desire to transform your smile both subtly and effectively. Clear aligner braces like Clear Correct and Invisalign can help you achieve…
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Older woman speaking and consulting with the doctor about her concerns

Diabetes and Gum Disease- What You Need to Know

Gum disease and diabetes Periodontal, or gum, disease occurs when plaque spreads and enters below the gumline – an area difficult to reach and clean with just the bristles of a toothbrush. Once the bacteria infiltrates the gums and the disease takes over, patients can notice redness, swelling, and even bleeding of the gum. This…
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