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The Treatment Plan-Your Guide to a Healthy Smile

As we enter the new year, we each create resolutions to better ourselves. While some resolutions may target finances or travel adventures, others target personal growth and health. On the subject of health, one resolution that should not be overlooked is your oral health. It’s easy to forget or push aside the dental work that you need. This is why we create comprehensive treatment plans for all our patients. 

What is a treatment plan?

You can think of a treatment plan as a strategy created by your dentist to get your oral health back into good standing after the doctor has completed a comprehensive oral evaluation. While a treatment plan may seem intimidating due to the amount of information it contains, our team is happy to walk you through the items included to give you a better understanding of what procedures you will need and what exactly takes place during these procedures. 

How is dental work included in the plan?

Every patient’s treatment plan is unique, but overall, every plan is broken down into “phases” based on priority. We tackle the teeth that need the most attention first and continue to work our way towards achieving a healthy smile. It is important to note that some issues need immediate attention, while others are not as pressing. The phases are listed chronologically and each represents a visit to our office. On the plan, you will see the phases as numbers (1, 2, 3 etc.), but exact scheduling of visits will be determined by the procedures themselves or can be limited to insurance benefits. 

What financial information is included on the treatment plan?

The plan shows a detailed breakdown of finances. This includes the full cost of the plan, an estimated amount covered by insurance, amount you will be paying out of pocket, and the total cost of each individual procedure. Because the plan is broken down into a number of visits, or “phases,” patients are able to create a budget and know how much they will be spending before even beginning their treatment. 

What financial options do I have to cover my treatment plan?

Our goal at River Oaks Dental is to provide the necessary care our patients need. We understand that dental work may become costly and we hope that finances are not a reason to avoid completing dental work. Luckily, we are in-network with a number of dental insurances, which may ease the financial burden of dental work. Alternatively, for patients that do not have insurance, we offer an in-house savings plan that offers a 15% discount on all services. Lastly, in office payment plans can be created to spread the cost of procedures and ensure you receive the care you need. 

Why do you need my signature?

We request patients sign and date their treatment plans as proof that a team member has reviewed and explained the plan with them. Signing the plan itself does not hold you liable for completion, but rather allows for both parties to acknowledge the discussion and serves as approval to move forward with your next visit. Before signing the treatment plan, the River Oaks Dental team ensures to answer any questions or concerns patients may have. Patients are able to take home a copy of their plan to review, and our office will keep a copy in your file. 

If you are a new patient, we look forward to creating a plan for you and if you are an existing patient, we are excited to get you back on track with your treatment plan. Remember, it is best to tackle your dental concerns before they get worse!

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