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Are Dental Implants a Practical Tooth Replacement Option?

Are Dental Implants a Practical Tooth Replacement Option? Millions of people have at least one missing tooth, and much of the population in Jacksonville, Florida, is living with tooth loss. In this situation, dental implants offer the ideal solution, as they’re virtually identical to the natural teeth in appearance, fit and function. Implants are easy…
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Root Canal Therapy or Tooth Extraction – What to Consider

Is root canal therapy the right choice? Or should you schedule a tooth extraction procedure? Whenever possible, Jacksonville dentists recommend saving teeth – not removing them. If a root canal can preserve your dental health and restore your smile, going that route may be your best option. Having said that, some teeth are beyond saving,…
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Demystifying Dental Implants – How Tooth Replacement Works

Are you thinking about getting dental implants? If you have missing teeth, an experienced Jacksonville dentist can explain everything you need to know about the tooth replacement process. For the moment, though, you might simply want to understand what it will take to get a gap-free grin. To put it briefly, dental implant placement is…
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Missing Teeth

Missing Teeth and the Problems They Cause Most people will have 32 teeth in their mouth once they’ve fully developed and have lost all their baby teeth. Sometimes the wisdom teeth (or 3rd molars) must be taken out, leaving an adult with 28 teeth. Besides the removal of these molars, people can experience tooth loss…
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FILL YOUR PLATE WHEN YOU HAVE DENTAL IMPLANTS November 1, 2020 You arrive ready to eat … but concerned that you may have limited options. It’s not because there won’t be options. There will be lots of food. Your concern — if you have loose-fitting dentures — is whether you will be confident enough to…
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