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Until dental implants came on the scene in Jacksonville, Florida, the only way to restore a full arch of missing teeth was to get dentures. But while traditional dentures can be a good solution for some, more people are turning to implants.

Implant placement, while often done to restore a single gap in the grin, is just as popular among those looking to replace all of the teeth in the upper or lower jaw. Dentists offer two options – implant-retained dentures, which fit securely, but are removable for cleaning, and implant-supported dentures, which are permanently fixed in position. And both provide outstanding results.

Nearly everyone in need of a full arch denture can choose dental implants for stabilization, but why would you want to go that route? Take a look at the advantages, and you’ll understand.


As you’re likely aware, traditional dentures aren’t known for being comfortable. For many people in Jacksonville, they never feel quite right sitting in the mouth, regardless of how expertly or how often they’re relined.

Choose dental implants, you can expect them to seem completely natural, as if they simply grew in place. Whether you go with implant-supported or implant-retained dentures, there may be a short adjustment period, but your replacement teeth are sure to feel secure and comfortable.


Jacksonville patients who opt for traditional dentures find that they sometimes slip and fall out of the mouth when they’re talking or eating. Obviously, that’s not something people want to experience.

With dental implant-supported and –retained dentures, slippage is never a problem. Strategically placed titanium posts serve as replacement tooth roots, and once in position, they fuse with the jawbone. As a result of the fusion process, implants can’t slip out of place or fall out.


Have you ever noticed someone with traditional dentures making clicking sounds when they talk or eat? The embarrassing issue is all too common, and for some, the clicks affect self-confidence.

In contrast, choosing dental implants means never having to worry about clicking noises – and that’s true with both removable and fixed implant dentures. These sounds are complications of slippage, and as we’ve pointed out, fusion with the jawbone keeps that from happening.


When you think about eating, it’s easy to see why traditional dentures aren’t the top choice. Many foods are off the menu, like tough meats, popcorn and anything else that’s sticky, hard or difficult to chew.

Dental implant-supported and implant-retained dentures don’t come with dietary restrictions. The replacement teeth are set securely in the jawbone, allowing for a natural bite. If you need a full arch denture and want to enjoy all of your favorite foods, dental implants are the solution.


Years of wearing traditional dentures can leave the cheeks looking sunken and hollow. The issue isn’t muscle-related – the replacement teeth aren’t rooted in the jaw, and when tooth roots are missing, bone loss is inevitable.

Dental implants offer protection from jawbone atrophy and the subsequent sunken face. Both removable and fixed implant dentures feature titanium posts set within the gums, and these posts stimulate bone tissue growth. Going with either can preserve your jawbone strength, keeping you from looking older than your age.


Even when created by a highly skilled Jacksonville dentist or dental specialist, traditional dentures need periodic relining. And most patients need to get new replacement teeth every ten years or so.

Get dental implants, and you won’t have these concerns. Implant-supported dentures almost never need to be relined or replaced, and very few ever fail. The same is true for implant-retained dentures. Whichever you choose, with proper care, your replacement teeth can actually last a lifetime.


Traditional dentures are initially cheaper than both removable and fixed implant dentures, but they do require periodic maintenance and regular replacement. So, the costs certainly add up over time. 

When you consider that dental implants offer a permanent solution for tooth loss, you can see that they are a cost-effective option. Implant-supported or –retained dentures could actually be less expensive in the long run, and some Jacksonville dentists – including the team at River Oaks Dental – make quality care affordable. 

Interested in Tooth Replacement?

If you’d like to have replacement teeth that are truly trouble-free, getting dental implants can make that a reality. And if you’re in Jacksonville, Florida, the professional team at River Oaks Dental is here to meet your needs.

Our dentist office is warm and comforting, and patients have access to a number of amenities like massaging memory foam treatment chairs, TVs with Netflix and noise canceling headphones. We’ve invested in the most advanced technology to ensure that our patients receive top-quality dental care, and as experts in sedation dentistry, we’re able to provide anyone who is anxious or fearful of visiting the dentist with a positive experience.

For more information on dental implant placement – or to discuss implant-supported and implant-retained dentures with a compassionate and highly skilled dentist, contact River Oaks Dental in Jacksonville, Florida, today.

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