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November 1, 2020 You arrive ready to eat … but concerned that you may have limited options. It’s not because there won’t be options. There will be lots of food. Your concern — if you have loose-fitting dentures — is whether you will be confident enough to put what you really want on your plate this Thanksgiving. Slippery dentures make it difficult to bite and chew. Even if you love your aunt’s special mashed potatoes, you would probably like a little variety. Dental implants could make a big difference in how you feel about meals during the holiday seasons and the rest of the year. You can get this service at River Oaks Dental in Jacksonville, FL. Call 904-348-0416 today to schedule a consultation with our own Dr. Rachel Monteiro.


You may not have time to get implant-supported dentures this Thanksgiving, but it is something to consider for many future Thanksgiving meals, as well as all the other meals you plan to eat. When you have implants, you won’t need denture adhesives. Instead, you will have replacement teeth that are secure, stable, and strong. Your teeth won’t move around when you try to speak or when you try to eat. With implant-supported dentures, you can trust that your replacement teeth will stay in place when you bite into an apple or corn on the cob. If you have traditional dentures, you understand that’s not something to take lightly. Losing teeth often has a big impact on someone’s quality of life. To get your smile and your confidence back on track, you deserve replacement teeth that both look natural and restore the function of your teeth. In other words, you should be able to eat what you like whenever you would like to eat. With our implants, you can.


Implants were developed to replace the roots of lost teeth. Implants are the missing piece that completes traditional dentures. When you get implants, they are placed directly in your jawbone. Through a process called osseointegration, the bone bonds to your implants. This holds them firmly in position, which makes a series of implants a stable support system for dentures or other restorations (bridges and crowns). That direct connection to your jawbone makes a huge difference in how much force you can create when you bite into something. Studies have concluded that people with implant-supported dentures can generate 80 percent or more of the biting force as people with a full set of healthy teeth. From a practical standpoint, that means you can bite and chew anything you would like. Compare this with traditional dentures. Studies of people dentures alone can only bite with 20 to 25 percent of their original biting power. That explains why eating many foods can feel like a chore.


You can restore your smile and much more by getting dental implants. Let Dr. Monteiro and our team in Jacksonville, FL help you. Call 904-348-0416 today to make an appointment at River Oaks Dental.
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