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Dental Check Up

Dental Check up in Jacksonville FL What is your dentist looking at? Most people think they go to the dentist “just for a cleaning.” When your dentist looks in your mouth after the hygienist finishes your cleaning they are checking for specific things. So what else is your dentist doing or looking for during your…
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Man itching his bearded face

How Healthy Is Your Beard

How Healthy Is A Man’s Beard? It’s rumored that facial hair just serves as a house for bacteria. This rumor has been proven FALSE in several studies and the trending belief is that a well-kept beard has similar amounts of germs as does a clean-shaved face. Beards tend to get a bad reputation but the bacteria they…
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Winter Wonderland Tooth Pain

Winter Wonderland of Tooth Pain As temperatures drop, your teeth may start to feel the chill. Dental pain caused by cold weather is normal! But why does this happen? And how can we prevent this from happening? Let’s explore some possible causes of tooth sensitivity and discuss solutions to the problems.   1. Naturally sensitive…
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smokestacks polluting smoke

How Pollution Can Impact Your Oral Health

How Pollution Can Impact Your Oral Health Pollution is defined as the introduction of harmful materials into the environment. Pollutants can be natural or can be made by humans. In 2019, Jacksonville, FL was ranked the 9th most polluted city in Florida out of the 43 cities in the state. Although our rank was higher…
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Missing Teeth

Missing Teeth and the Problems They Cause Most people will have 32 teeth in their mouth once they’ve fully developed and have lost all their baby teeth. Sometimes the wisdom teeth (or 3rd molars) must be taken out, leaving an adult with 28 teeth. Besides the removal of these molars, people can experience tooth loss…
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Should all athletes wear mouthpieces?

Should all athletes wear mouthpieces Should all athletes wear mouthpieces? About $500 million is spent annually replacing or treating teeth due to dental injuries, with about 13-39% of these injuries being sport-related. Male athletes more commonly experience these injuries verses female athletes. As expected, the highest rate of injury come from contact sports – like…
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Did cavemen brush their teeth

Did Cavemen Brush Their Teeth? Oral health has been a concern for centuries, even before we understood our teeth. Today’s advancements in technology have allowed oral hygiene care and home routines to evolve. Advancements in research and education have also helped dental professionals gain extensive knowledge to better serve their patients. If cavemen, or early…
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CAUTION! Internet tooth trends to avoid!

CAUTION! Internet tooth trends to avoid! Social media outlets make it easy for people all over the world to connect and share their knowledge on many topics and specific niches. These topics vary from food and travel to fashion and lifestyle. “Influencers” with a high number of followers typically get paid to share products on…
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Drool, slobber, spittle: saliva and why it matters

Drool, slobber, spittle: saliva and why it matters Why is saliva important? Saliva in the mouth is an important part of the digestion process. It is one of the first methods of breaking down foods. Because saliva makes foods softer, it aids in the swallowing process by making it easier for your tongue to push…
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Trigeminal Neuralgia- Is your pain tooth pain or nerve pain?

Trigeminal Neuralgia-Is your pain tooth pain or nerve pain? Trigeminal neuralgia is a condition in which pain is felt by only one side of the face – more commonly, by the right side. Sensory signals send the feeling of pain from the face to the brain through the trigeminal nerve, or cranial nerve V. Patients…
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February is Children’s Dental Health Month

February is Children’s Dental Health Month February is Children’s Dental Health month! The purpose of this is to encourage the parents or guardians of those under 12 years old to book a dental appointment for their young ones. A trip to the dentist every six months creates a great habit that your child will carry…
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Everything You Need To Know About Dental Insurance

Everything You Need to Know About Dental Insurance An interview with our office manager Marco about dental insurance Dental insurance can be a complicated and confusing topic for everyone involved, but especially you-the patient!  We interviewed our office manager Marco Monteiro to clarify some of the most common problems and misconceptions when it comes to…
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Fluoride Fact vs Myth

Fluoride: Fact vs Myth Everything you need to know about fluoride and your oral health Fluoride, or Sodium Fluoride, is a natural mineral and the key ingredient found in toothpastes and other dental products such as mouthwash, that works to protect your teeth. Why does this happen? Bacteria in the mouth mixes with sugars from…
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Digital Impressions

Digital Impressions- No More Goop! What is a dental impression anyway? Dental impressions provide an imprint of a patient’s upper and lower arches and include dental anatomy of the teeth and soft tissue. Impressions have played an important role in dentistry for many years. Most often, they are used in restorative procedures and are sent to dental…
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dental hygienist rachel

Dental Hygiene Month – Interview with our Hygienist Rachel

October is Dental Hygiene Month- Interview with our Hygienist Rachel Alberts

Overcoming Hearing and Visual Limitations at Your Dental Appointment

Overcoming Hearing and Visual Limitations at Your Dental Appointment Around 13% of adults report severe visual difficulties, including blindness or complications seeing even with visual aids, and about 12 million people (ages 12+) suffer from hearing loss in both ears. Visual and hearing limitations should not prevent anyone from seeking dental treatment. Dr. Rachel Monteiro, and her staff at…
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Oral Health and Aging

Oral Health and Aging One common dental misconception is that losing teeth is unavoidable with age. Adult teeth typically begin erupting at age 6 and function throughout our lives. With proper care, your teeth can last the duration of your life.  Our Jacksonville dentist Dr. Rachel Monteiro, located in the 32217 zip code, and her…
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Bad Breath and How to Prevent It

How to Prevent Bad Breath Do you ever notice a foul smell coming from your mouth? If you have, it’s likely that others around you have noticed as well. Perhaps you’ve tried mouth rinses or mint flavored gums but haven’t had much success eliminating the odor. Halitosis, also known as chronic bad breath, has three…
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Everything You Need To Know About Toothaches

Everything You Need to Know About Toothaches Jacksonville Toothache Dentist A toothache can be a debilitating pain!  Aside from the pain itself, toothaches can distract you from your work, keep you from eating, and keep you awake at night.  There is no need to suffer with a toothache!  Your Jacksonville dentist Dr. Rachel Monteiro can…
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Teeth Grinding and Clenching

Teeth Grinding and Clenching Teeth grinding, also known as bruxism, is he habitual, forceful, and most often unconscious contact of the teeth’s chewing surfaces while asleep or awake. Various studies suggest that about 10% of the US population grind their teeth and become aware of the issue only after speaking with their dentist.  Your Jacksonville dentist, Dr.…
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