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In recent years, countless teeth whitening products have hit the shelves of stores in Jacksonville, Florida, and even more can be found online. So, if your teeth are stained, why not give an at-home kit a try?

While you could go that route, professional whitening is a better option. This cosmetic dentistry procedure can make your pearly whites dramatically whiter, and in the event any of the discoloration isn’t on the surface of your teeth, a skilled cosmetic dentist can hide the stains and restore the brilliance of your smile in other ways.

Professional teeth whitening services offer a reliable and effective solution for anyone who wants a more gorgeous grin. As for the less obvious advantages, here’s why having a Jacksonville cosmetic dentist whiten your teeth is a smart move.

Customized Approach

When you buy a teeth whitener kit from a local or online store, you don’t know if it will provide the results you’re looking for – and over-the-counter products don’t really allow for adjustments to fit your whitening preference.

With professional teeth whitening at Jacksonville dentist office, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. A specialist in cosmetic dentistry will tailor the treatment to provide you with the exact level of brightness you want, targeting the areas that need the most enhancement.

Brighter Smile

While over-the-counter teeth whitening products can work to remove light stains, some have very little impact – and you could use a kit for several weeks without seeing much of a noticeable difference in the appearance of your smile.

Professional teeth whitening services provide better, more even results that outshine any store-bought product. With the help of an experienced cosmetic dentist in Jacksonville, you can get stronger, more thorough whitening and the brilliant, bright smile you want.

Safer Treatment

Over-the-counter teeth whiteners can seriously irritate the gums and, in some cases, their use can damage the enamel – plus, some people who opt for at-home treatments experience increased tooth sensitivity.

Go with stain removal by a professional cosmetic dentist, and the teeth whitening process will be carefully controlled to avoid these issues. The amount, concentration and application of the whitening agent can be adjusted as needed, and your mouth will be protected to preserve your oral health.

Speedier Whitening

Anyone who goes with a store-bought teeth whitening treatment may have to wait for weeks before seeing a difference in the brightness of their smile – and some products may not deliver any results after months of use.

Professional teeth whitening services can save you a significant amount of time, giving you a great-looking grin in a single appointment. By the end of the one-hour session, your smile will be several shades lighter. If you’d like to have a mouth full of bright white teeth, a Jacksonville cosmetic dentist can make that happen in almost no time.

Long-Lasting Results

One of the biggest issues many people have with over-the-counter teeth whiteners is that any results they provide don’t last all that long – and that’s because at-home whitening kits contain less powerful bleaching agents.

The products available to cosmetic dentists are much more potent than what you can find online and in local stores. With the right aftercare and solid oral hygiene habits, the results of professional teeth whitening services can last up to a year. And that’s with a single treatment, not with continual upkeep.

Improved Oral Health

Going the do-it-yourself route and using a store-bought kit could make your smile a bit brighter and whiter – but the effects of opting for professional teeth whitening services can make a difference in your oral health.

How so? People who choose professional treatment are more inclined to take good care of their grins, flossing and brushing as recommended and adopting a healthier dental routine. Looking in the mirror and seeing a brilliant, more appealing grin is a motivating force, and you’ll want to keep your winning smile.

Cost-Effective Solution

People who wish their teeth were whiter often spend hundreds of dollars a year on various over-the-counter products – and after putting all of that money toward achieving a brighter smile, many are unhappy with the results.

While professional teeth whitening services do cost more than kits made for at-home use, scheduling an appointment with a reputable Jacksonville cosmetic dentist can save you money in the long run. The cost of a store-bought solution could easily be more than that of a single stain removal treatment from a local professional.

Professional Teeth Whitening Services

As we mentioned, specialists in cosmetic dentistry take a personalized approach to teeth whitening. No single solution is right for every patient, and some Jacksonville professionals – including the team at River Oaks Dental – offer both in-office and at-home whitening treatments.

In-office teeth whitening services provide the most dramatic results, but if you have issues with tooth sensitivity or would simply rather whiten your teeth from the comfort of your Florida home, prescription-strength kits are available at our dentist office. They’re more powerful than those you can purchase yourself, so you can expect better and quicker results.

In the event of intrinsic staining that doesn’t respond to professional teeth whitening, a cosmetic dentist can offer alternative methods for getting a beautiful smile. Porcelain dental veneers might work to hide discolorations, or composite bonding might be the answer. Regardless of the nature of your tooth stains, River Oaks Dental can provide a solution.

For more information on our teeth whitening services, or to schedule an appointment, contact our dentist office in Jacksonville, Florida, today.

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