Coffee, desserts, pizza and pasta, soft drinks, tea, tobacco, wine …

All of those things and many, many more foods and beverages add to the stains on your smile. In reality, it’s almost inevitable that your teeth will become yellower or darker as you get older.

This could explain why professional teeth whitening is one of our most popular cosmetic services at River Oaks Dental.

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You can walk into almost any grocery or retail store, head to the toothpaste aisle, and find dozens of self-proclaimed “whitening” products. It’s worth mentioning that the American Dental Association Council on Scientific Affairs has looked at what different whitening products do. They found a few things worth noting:

  • Whitening toothpaste can remove some surface stains.
  • Over-the-counter whitening products with bleaching agents can remove some stains below the surface level.
  • Professional whitening products are stronger than commercial products, and when used as directed, safely remove deep stains.

Professional products use the same bleaching ingredients as over-the-counter products, just in a higher concentration.

Before you use any whitening product with a bleaching agent, the ADA also recommends talking to a dentist. When misused (and overused), whitening products can cause irritation to the soft tissue of the mouth. At the same time, if you have dental restorations or untreated cavities, whitening may not have the desired effects.


If you are a good candidate for professional whitening, we offer two options at our Jacksonville, FL dentist office.

Our in-office whitening can make a difference in your smile in a single appointment. You should be aware that this is our stronger whitening product. With that in mind, we will start by protecting your cheeks, gums, and lips. While the whitening product is working, you’ll be able to sit back and watch a movie on one of our overhead televisions. When we’re done, you can see a change. The results can last up to a year depending on your diet and your home care routine.

While many patients want to make a change as quickly as possible, other people prefer the convenience of our take-home whitening. For people who have sensitive teeth, this product can be more comfortable than our in-office whitening. At the same time, the custom whitening trays and stronger-than-store-bought gel can get your teeth looking like you want in a few weeks.

One last thing: If you aren’t a good candidate for teeth whitening, we do have other ways of giving you a brighter smile. Dental veneers can cover your healthy but stained teeth to restore your white smile.


You can restore your smile and the confidence that comes with have beautiful teeth. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Monteiro at River Oaks Dental soon. Call 904-348-0416 today to make your appointment.

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