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Gifts to make your loved ones smile

As you continue your holiday shopping, finding the perfect gifts for your loved ones may seem like a difficult task. Especially this year, many of us are avoiding stores and malls to limit outside interactions. This year instead of giving the latest new gadget or trendiest clothes, give a gift that will follow your loved one for a lifetime, the gift of a beautiful and healthy smile.


Check out what is on the wish list of your River Oaks Dental team: 


Under the tree: Electric toothbrush

It is recommended that we brush our teeth two times a day for two minutes to achieve and maintain good oral health. If done properly, this should take about 82 days of our lives! What most patients don’t consider is that there is more to it than just brushing – the amount of pressure and the angle which you hold your brush also play a role. The bristles of an electric brush undergo a spinning motion which allows for a quicker and easier removal of plaque. New brushes have pressure sensors to stop you from applying too much force to tooth surfaces and gums. The constant overapplication of force can cause wear on enamel and even cause trauma to gums. Lastly, built-in timers allow for a solid two minutes of brushing in addition to the 30 second intervals which notify users when it’s time to move on to a different quadrant of the mouth. 


“I have been using an electric brush for years and have noticed the difference,” says our dental assistant Angie. “This year I am hoping to upgrade to one that has more features in order to focus on my gum care.” 

Besides all of the benefits listed, an electric toothbrush will have you feeling like you just left a dental hygiene appointment. They even make kid sized ones with fun prints and designs! 

Stocking stuffers: Toothpaste

An excellent way to accompany that new toothbrush is with some paste! While there is a variety of different and great pastes which target different aspects of the mouth, from whitening to enamel care, it is most important you select one which contains fluoride – a natural mineral that works extra hard to fight cavities and prevent tooth decay. While the American Dental Association recognizes fluoride as safe and effective and encourages its use, patients preferring a fluoride-free paste also have a number of options to consider. 

“I enjoy trying out different toothpastes! I like to alternate between whitening focused and enamel protecting pastes to ensure I am targeting multiple areas of concern,” says Dr. Rachel Monteiro.

in an envelope: river oaks dental savings plan

There’s no better gift than a fresh start. If you or a loved one is in need of dental care, give a gift that will last 365 days. By signing up for the River Oaks Dental Savings Plan, patients will be able to come in for a full exam, complete with unlimited dental x-rays, complete two cleanings per year, receive 15% off necessary treatments, and more. 


“I’ve noticed some of my family members unintentionally put off dental visits as they limit their outings due to Covid-19,” says Marco, our office manager. “I can assure that our practice is taking the necessary measure to keep our patients safe and allowing them to catch up on their oral maintenance.” 

This holiday season, the gift of dental care could not come at a better time. It is the perfect way to close the year, and start the new year, with a new oral health care routine.

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