Everything You Need To Know About Toothaches

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Everything You Need to Know About Toothaches

Jacksonville Toothache Dentist

A toothache can be a debilitating pain!  Aside from the pain itself, toothaches can distract you from your work, keep you from eating, and keep you awake at night.  There is no need to suffer with a toothache!  Your Jacksonville dentist Dr. Rachel Monteiro can help relieve your toothache pain and get you on the path to oral health! 

Why are toothaches so painful?

The pulp inside of your tooth is filled with sensitive nerves, tissues, and blood vessels. When the tooth is infected by bacteria, the irritated nerves send signals to the brain informing it of pain. 


Toothaches may be felt in a number of surprising ways. Symptoms felt directly by the teeth and mouth include: constant throbbing or sharp pain, discomfort when pressure is applied, sensitivity to cold or hot foods/liquids, and swelling around the infected tooth or gum. Because our mouths are connected to the rest of our bodies, in extreme cases you may experience pain beyond the face and neck including fevers, headaches, visual changes, or fatigue. 

Diagnosis and Treatment of Toothaches

The sooner the toothache is diagnosed, the better the chances are of saving the problematic tooth. Major dental problems can be avoided by scheduling a visit to see a dentist as soon as symptoms or concerns begin. After an evaluation of the area in question, complete with digital x-rays and tooth vitality tests, a treatment plan can be created to solve the issues and restore your dental health. 

In most severe cases when a tooth cannot be saved, an extraction may be the only way to alleviate the pain. In cases where the tooth can be saved but the nerve is infected, root canal treatment will be necessary to remove the bacteria from the tooth’s nerve. In cases where a toothache is caused by decay that can be removed and cleansed, a crown or composite filling (depending on the extent of the decay) would serve as proper treatment. 

Getting to the Root Cause

Treatment of the toothache is not the only topic we will focus on. The River Oaks Dental team makes it a point to get to the root cause of the issue, finding ways for patients to avoid similar problems in the future. We will evaluate your diet and sugar intake, daily hygiene habits, and lifestyle factors to ensure oral health and prevent the need for future dental work. 


If you are experiencing a toothache or have dental concerns, contact River Oaks Dental at 904.348.0416 or online at for an emergency exam. Dr. Monteiro and her team will ensure to answer all questions you may have and manage the pain you are experiencing. 

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